Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch Up!!

Ok, Ok! So it has been a REALLY long while since I have updated my Blog...I mean my 5 followers have no idea what is going on in my life...well make that 4, I think I follow myself! :) Anyway, so lets play catch up...I will wrap it all up in a nutshell...We had a GREAT summer! We spent some time on the lake and also took a week and went with the family to Myrtle Beach. My wonderful sister-in-law and her family joined us in Myrtle Beach and we all had a great time! When summer came to a close, school started back again....Rhett went to 2nd grade, and has an AMAZING teacher this year! We are so blessed to have someone to care about him and his learning so much. He also started playing football this year...thats part of the reason for no time to update this blog. Collin started high school...WOW how time flies! I can remember that year being such a scary year. He says he is enjoying his classes and is doing well! Cameron started his 2nd year at Georgia Southern. He is doing phenominal as a college student! We are so proud of proud he had to get a job this year and start paying a little bit of his way! :) Such mean people! He is doing well though!! For some news that has yet to be shared on this jewel of a blog of mine....The hubby and I are expecting a new baby in February!!! Yes we are probably CRAZY, we have 3 boys, the youngest 7 and the oldest 19!!! Sooooo, we thought we should start over! We are VERY excited though...can't wait to meet Bryson Anthoney!! Yup, I said Bryson, that means its a BOY!!!! So, I am totally outnumbered in this house....Well here are a couple of our catch up photos...hope you enjoy!!!

Our fam on the beach in Myrtle Beach:

Above is my prego self at 13 weeks...I am 18 weeks now...

Alright, well I don't feel like waiting on anymore pics to that is it for now! Have a great Sunday all!

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