Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who needs CLOSETMAID when you can have HUBBYMAID?!?!

I have been needing a closet system in my closet ever since we moved into this house. There was absolutely no where to put my shoes, and other various things that would end up in the floor of the closet. Sooooo, a few months ago the hubby and I planned out what he could build in order to get the stuff off the floor. Let me show what the closet looked like before(I cleaned up the floor right before this pic so there is nothing on the floor....but here is the before and after:



Isn't my husband absolutely AMAZING??? I absolutely LOVE my new closet! The best part of the new closet, is the shoe cubbies....I love the fact that my shoes now have a home! I tell ya, between the floral arrangements and this...I am going to have to keep him around!! :)

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