Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, as always I deal with ignorance on a daily basis, I work in the municipal court and handle traffic violations. I deal with people who have no one else to blame but me for their faults. I am called countless names, and told exactly where I can shove the ticket they received. So, you wonder how am I not a depressed person? Well, obviously I don't listen to much of what they have to say. It all goes in one ear and out the other...yes, my mother would probably tell me I found the perfect job, because that is what used to happen when she needed me to do something. :)

Anyway, today I was skimming through facebook status's and found one that really did not settle well with me...it read like this: "all cops suck. y'all are pieces of shiat and good for nothing. you are not needed." That is copied and pasted, so its word for word. This is pure ignorance talking. I don't understand, as a cops wife I guess I may lean one way more than the other, but if you get a ticket, it doesn't mean the cop sucks. It means the cop was doing his/her job. I do totally understand that some abuse their power, and that is why you have the right, as a citizen to go to court. What I don't understand is how ALL of them suck? How we don't need them? Cops do not just hand out tickets. I know my husband on most days does not have time to sit and write traffic tickets. Instead he is out responding to calls about a domestic dispute, fight, robbery, etc. He is keeping the streets safer for you and I to be able to live the way that we do. If this to you sucks, or is not needed in any way...you seriously have a problem. So, the next time you receive a traffic ticket, keep in mind that that officer doesn't suck, he is only doing the job he was trained to do, and hey...not all people are perfect, and this includes officers. They make mistakes sometimes and guess what, most aren't above admitting to that!

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