Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

If I were told that I could take with me were 3 things when I left to go to work, I would not hesitate on what I would pick. There are 3 things that I KNOW I could not possibly make it through a day at work if someone took them from me. So here it is...

Number 1:

Yup, that's it, the cappuccino I buy at Sam's and HAVE to make a cup EVERY morning before I walk out the door. If I forget my coffee lord help the people that cross me that day, same goes if they cross me before I finish the entire cup.... :)

Number 2:

This really should go before the coffee, because while I am getting ready in the morning, before I ever get to make the coffee I am drinking a Dr. Pepper. I just love this wholesome goodness they call a soft drink! Pepsi should have a medal for making this stuff. This is like happiness in a can!!! I also drink several of these throughout the day....yes I know my kidneys are probably shot!

Number 3:

Last, but definitely not least is my IPOD! I mean, MAD props to Apple for coming up with this ingenious idea!!!!! I listen to this thing in order to make the morning and afternoon traffic a little more bearable. It is sooooo nice to not have to listen to commericals, and advertisements in the car.(Yes, I know they make satellite radio for that very reason, but I just am too cheap to pay them monthly, yearly, however you pay it). Anyway, I also use this at work in order to tune out some of the idiots I deal with on a daily basis. I would probably be insane without this.

So, there is my randomness for the day...a little bit about me! Hope everyone has a wonderful day, well, whats left of it! :)

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