Sunday, April 25, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!?!?!

I know one little girl that will be ready for some football come August...well atleast ready to watch the DAWGS play!!! Sundays have turned into sewing day, and the only things that I know how to really sew is a grocery bag holder and a pillowcase dress, and well, the pillowcase dress is just more fun. I have actually gotten to where I can knock one of these dresses out in no time...and they look better and better every time I do one! I think I may have to try and sell some at the yard sale next weekend...who knows!

Hope everyone has a great week, I need to go get my flowers planted now!!!!


Yup, that pic just about sums it up...sooooo incredibly much going on in my head right much to do, so little time!

I have not blogged in a very LOOOOOONNNNGGGG time! I know...I have had writers block, and little energy to complete any more projects. Although I did finish one more dress that is the same as the first dress I did, so didn't think it was worth posting.

Rhett's baseball is coming to a team mom I have lots to do in order to get a team party planned, trophies ordered and coach's gifts done...If you have ANY ideas for any of this stuff I would totally appreciate your input!

I also have our HUGE neighborhood yard sale this coming weekend, and yes, I am participating in that...CRAZY, I know! I never realized how hard it was to get ready for a yard sale....Oh, busy, busy times and I love every bit of it!

I am going to try and get a CUTIE dress done today. I hope it turns out as cute as it is in my head!
Hope your weekend was GREAT and I will post my newest dress as soon as it is complete!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am not the only one in the family that can make things...

Yup, you heard me...I came home from work yesterday and my husband had made a floral arrangement for me! I wanted something on my landing a little more springish/summerish and showed him a few things that I liked and he came up with this...I am so incredibly proud of him!! It looks FAB on the landing when you come in the front door!!! Sooooooo, Mad props to the hubby on this one....

Alright, so you ready to see it????? Drumroll please..................................

WOW!!! I just don't know what we will do in this family with all this talent...

A few of my favorite things....

If I were told that I could take with me were 3 things when I left to go to work, I would not hesitate on what I would pick. There are 3 things that I KNOW I could not possibly make it through a day at work if someone took them from me. So here it is...

Number 1:

Yup, that's it, the cappuccino I buy at Sam's and HAVE to make a cup EVERY morning before I walk out the door. If I forget my coffee lord help the people that cross me that day, same goes if they cross me before I finish the entire cup.... :)

Number 2:

This really should go before the coffee, because while I am getting ready in the morning, before I ever get to make the coffee I am drinking a Dr. Pepper. I just love this wholesome goodness they call a soft drink! Pepsi should have a medal for making this stuff. This is like happiness in a can!!! I also drink several of these throughout the day....yes I know my kidneys are probably shot!

Number 3:

Last, but definitely not least is my IPOD! I mean, MAD props to Apple for coming up with this ingenious idea!!!!! I listen to this thing in order to make the morning and afternoon traffic a little more bearable. It is sooooo nice to not have to listen to commericals, and advertisements in the car.(Yes, I know they make satellite radio for that very reason, but I just am too cheap to pay them monthly, yearly, however you pay it). Anyway, I also use this at work in order to tune out some of the idiots I deal with on a daily basis. I would probably be insane without this.

So, there is my randomness for the day...a little bit about me! Hope everyone has a wonderful day, well, whats left of it! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My VERY first dress!

Well, I finally did it! I made a good friend of mines daughter a pillowcase dress(minus the pillowcase, I just used fabric)!!! I am so impressed with my mad dress making skills, and to think it only took me about 2 hours to make it from start to finish, and was surprisingly easy to make...I texted her a picture of the dress and she is already wanting to pay me to make her some more!!! I did explain to her that she needs to wear and wash this one first and make sure it stays together!! (HA!) I love the fun colors in the dress, it just yells spring and summer!!! I can't wait to see little Miss. Havannah running around in it....Let me know what you think, I woul LOVE to hear, and if you have a little girl that would love a dress like this, I will be taking orders after this one goes through the wash! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get your 20 4x6 photo's for 20 cents....

Hey! Make sure you go by the end of the day over to Walgreens to get your 20 4x6 prints for only 20 cents!! I don't print pictures often, but if there is a deal like this, I mines well print some good ones! I know you all have some photo's waiting to be printed...make sure you do this today, it won't be good after today. Anyway...head on over to Walgreens now!!

Also, make sure instead of having them shipped to you, choose that you will pick up at your nearest need in paying shipping! ENJOY!!!

Yes, I know, I was late finding out about the 7 days of is the last day!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Spring Break!!

Well, it is here...Spring Break has officially begun! Unfortunately I am not able to enjoy this week off with Rhett, I won't have any vacation time until next month...I am extremely excited about this week though, I get to sleep in for 30 minutes longer, and I don't have to rush home to get his HW done and make sure he is fed, bathed and in bed by 8:00! That to me is a HUGE break, and those of you with kids know where I am coming from.

So, whether you are like me and have to work, get to have next week off, or always get to enjoy the children at home...I hope you all have a wonderful spring break, and get some kind of break this week!!!