Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop Thief!!

So, lucky for you, something happened at lunch and I must blog about it because it is something I must say, REALLY bothers me. I was sitting in the break room, minding my own business speaking with a co-worker, when along came another co-worker. I was having some chicken fingers and fries, the other co-worker that came in walked up to my plate, asked me oh, can I have a french frie and as I was saying no, no, no, is reaching her hand into my plate and taking a frie. She reached into my plate, while I was saying NO, and took a frie! Really? Who does that? That is so gross, I don't know where your hands have been, leave my fries alone. If you want one, aske, wait for a reply and I will hand you one. That simple. Don't just grab my food....oh, and not to mention, if she had grabbed a chicken finger, there would have been a fight in the break room! I mean a knock down drag out, because you DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT touch my chicken fingers! Ok, thanks for letting me vent about this particular situation! I feel much better now!

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